Do You Want To Have Fun?

At Playtime (+) we have all sorts of activities for your kids to have fun, express themselves creatively, socialize with other kids their age, and even learn. Below is just some of the things that we have for them to do.

                                       ● Jupiter Room Jump House          ● Foosball Table
                                       ● Imagination Playground          ● Jungle Gym
                                       ● Ball Pit          ● Infinity Climber
                                       ● Air Hockey Table          ● Plasma Cars & scooters
                                       ● Building Blocks,Puzzles & Legos          ● Manipulative Center
                                       ● Various Video Game Systems          ● Arts & Crafts Centers
                                       ● Dress Up Costumes/Pretend Play          ● Playhouse
                                       ● Various Toys          ● Books / Activity Books
                                       ● TV Room “With Lots of Movies”          ● Clubhouse with Slide
                                       ● Various Toys for 9-12 Year Olds          ● Math Center
                                       ● Science Center          ● Food and Snacks

*Activities Vary by Location

DHS Licensed
CPR & First Aid Certified Staff
DHS permits 10hr maximum stay not to exceed 50 hours a week

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