Q & A

Q.  How much would it cost for my child to attend your facility?

A. We charge hourly for each child ages 4 months to 12 years.

4 – 11 months is $8.99/hr.

12 – 23 months is $8.49/hr.

24 – 35 months is $7.99/hr.

3 – 12 years is $6.75/hr.

Q.   Do you offer discount passes?

A.  Yes, we do! Passes need to be purchased in advance and the hours used will be deducted from your account. Multi-child discount not available.

4-11 months passes:

10 hours – $85.00

20 hours – $166.00

30 hours – $246.00

50 hours – $404.00

12-23 months passes:

10 hours – $80.00

20 hours – $155.00

30 hours – $229.00

50 hours – $375.00

24-35 months passes:

10 hours – $74.00

20 hours – $143.00

30 hours – $213.00

50 hours – $347.00

3-12 years passes:

10 hours – $62.00

20 hours – $120.00

30 hours – $177.00

50 hours – $290.00

Q.  Can passes be shared among siblings?

A. Yes, they can be shared among sibling in the same age group, but it is recommended that each child has their own pass. To share a pass the director will have to manually go in and update the pass for each child.

Q.   What are your hours?

A. We are open Monday – Friday 7 am – 7 pm. We are closed Saturday and Sunday.

Q.   Do you provide transportation to and from school?

A. Yes! We provide transportation to and from 10 Broken Arrow Public Schools! The cost is $4 per trip per child (includes a snack) plus the hourly charges for attendance, 1 hour minimum. Morning charges for Elementary students is until 9:15 am Monday-Friday. Morning charges for Pre-K students is until 8:45 am Monday-Friday. Afternoon charges start at 2:20 pm for Pre-K and 4:00 pm for Elementary schools.

Park Lane ECC

Creekwood ECC

Country Lane (Primary & Intermediate)

Rhoades Elementary

Timber Ridge Elementary

Creekwood Elementary

Lynn Wood Elementary

Liberty Elementary

Q.  How do I pay?

A. Our app allows you to make online payments, check your child in and out using your smart phone, view photos/ videos of your child throughout their day, communicate with Playtime (+), view your account and print receipts for dependent care reimbursement and tax statements. Payment may also be made at the front desk with cash, check or credit card.

Q.  Can I bring my child’s meals and snacks?

A. Yes! But we do provide snacks and hot meals if you’d like to purchase them from us! Our meals are $6.75 and snacks $1.75. We don’t refrigerate or microwave brought meals and snacks so please pack accordingly. We have set meal and snack times where every child must eat. If your child is in attendance during these times and you did not bring food for them, they will be given a meal or snack and you will be charged accordingly.

Q. What does my child need the first day?

A.  You should send everything your child would need as if you were going out for the day (ie sippy cup, bottles, pacifier, formula, baby food). If your child is not potty trained please bring plenty of diapers/pull-ups and wipes for your child to be changed every hour and a change of clothes is always a good idea!

Q.  Does my child have to be potty trained?

A. No, we do not require a child to be potty trained for enrollment. We will work with you on potty training while your child attends Playtime (+) by encouraging them to try and potty every hour.

Q. Do you have openings for a child using Dhs subsidy?

A. No, we currently only have private pay spots available.

Q.  Do you always have availability, or do I need to make a reservation?

A. We do not take reservations and generally have availability; however, there are times during school breaks we reach capacity. During these times it’s best to drop off early to avoid being turned away.

Q.  Do you do background checks on your staff?

A. Yes! Every staff member has undergone an extensive nationwide fingerprint background check and are all CPR and first aid certified. Staff working with infants have had safe sleep training and all staff has continuing education classes each year.

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